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  • Chemical storage tank production equipment

  • Chemical storage tank production equipment

  • Chemical storage tank production equipment

Chemical storage tank production equipment

Product Description

The chemical storage tank have different sizes and widely used at the industry and chemical fields. So the whole set chemical storage tank production equipment can produce kindly of the tank to meet the customer request. The size different is according to the mold, machine have the big range for the size.


Chemical storage tank production equipment


FRP tank production equipment including:

Spindle box and spindle transmission system

Cardan shaft for spindle and A type frame connection

A type frame used for supporting product

Trolley track platform and transmission system

Trolley and resin bath & yarn combing system

Yarn frame and tension system

Supporting ring and assembly ring

Microcomputer control system



Precise winding technology for quality FRP products

Winding at the site solves the difficulty of transporting large-scale tanks

The structure is combined with packet assembling

Automatic operation saves labor cost

Strong anti-interference ability

Easy installation and maintenance

Low energy consuming


Tank technical parameters:

Tank diameter: DN500-DN4000

Tank length: 1 m - 12 m

Max yarn width: 80 mm - 200 mm

Total installed capacity: 8 kW - 15 kW

Production capacity: 6000 kg/h

Max torque: 4500 N.m

Max rotation speed of output shaft: 50 r/min

Winding angle: 30° - 90°, crossing winding or hoop winding

Control method: microcomputer control, manual control, semi-automatic and automatic



FRP tank winding machine is usually used for storing all kinds of corrosive medium, as it is resistant to a variety of acid, alkali, salt and organic solvents. It is applied in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, brewing, water supply and drainage, transportation and other industries


Chemical storage tank production equipment

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